30 January 2011

Video Avatar Maker 2.3 | Crack | Reg | 6.5 MB


For those of you who like the avatar, then this software might be useful for you. This post is part I took from softdown32.com, then I try to share with your visitors free-pcware.blogspot.com, which may be useful for you.

According to who have this software, that with Video Avatar Maker 2.3 then you can make a video avatar on your own blog or website. For details, let us together read this article below.

Video Avatar is a tool for creating animated GIF avatars, userpics and signatures.You can choose the video file and its part and then crop it for your avatar, userpic or signature. So basically Video Avatar is a video cropper. By using Video Avatar you can create original video avatars for your blogs, journals, you can also set userpic in your profile page for any forums, communities, your website, etc.Video Avatar supports all the video formats for inputing, such as avi, asf, mp4, mpg, mpeg, mov, wmv. Output file will be controlled with width, height, Frames Per Second and reverse mode. So you choose a video file, such as your favourite movie, music video, cartoon or any video you have, choose a part for cropping in the video preview and manage range bar for time limits and click Start. After converting you will got an animated GIF with pixelsize that is set.Video Avatar has a very simple and friendly-using interface, thats why you will not have any difficulties managing it.


Imports various video files
Crops video for creating GIF
Width, height, FPS settings for GIF
Plays GIF in a normal and reverse modes
Customizable dimensions for GIF
Time line with ZOOM feature
Supports English, Spanish and Russian languages
Easy to use interface

If you are interested please download below, free for you

Video Avatar Maker 2.3 | Crack | Reg | 6.5 MB
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MP3 Convert Master Incl Serial Number


MP3 Convert Master is an All-in-One MP3 converting tool that can convert WMA to MP3, Wav to Wma, Mp3 to Ogg, Mp3 to Wma, MP3 to WMA and other audio files between different formats. With MP3 Convert Master, you can rip CD to all popular audio formats such as MP3, MP2, WMA, WAV, OGG, MPC, and VOX... It is also an audio recorder which can record from any source available on your system and save the recorded audio directly to MP3, WMA, and WAV format.

MP3 Convert Master provides you with 3 functions
• Audio CD Grabber
• Audio Converter
• Audio Recorder

Key Features
• Powerful MP3 Converter. (MP3 to WMA, WMA to MP3, Mp3 to Ogg, Mp3 to Wma, OGG to MP3 and WAV to Mp3...)
• All-in-One MP3 converting tool with three functions (audio CD grabber, audio converter, audio recorder)
• Ripping all tracks marked with a check mark.
• Edit ID3 tag information
• Record from any source available on your system
• Save recorded audio directly to MP3, WMA, and WAV format.
• Convert audio files from one format to another
• Supports batch converting and ripping
• Excellent digital quality

Support Format
• Windows Media Audio Files (*.wma)
• Waveform Audio (PCM Wave) Files (*.wav)
• MPEG Audio (Various Layers) Files (*.mp3;*.mp2;*.mpeg)
• OGG Vorbis Audio Files (*.ogg)
• VOX Dialogic ACPCM Files (*.vox)
• G.72x Audio Files (*.g721;*.g723;*.g726)
• RAW Audio Files (*.raw; *.pcm).
• CD Audio Tracks (*.cda).

Home Page - http://www.mp3convertmaster.com/

MP3 Convert Master Incl Serial Number
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25 January 2011

Preventing And Overcoming Allergies with Traditional mode


In everyday life we often hear, or even might have experienced the emergence of the spots or skin bentolan gatalserta spread over the surface of the body, while setelahmengkonsumsi a type of food. Complaints or picture like that is one of the many manifestations of allergic disease yangsering encountered.

Our body has an amazing series of defense mechanisms.
This mechanism is made to maintain our health. One such mechanism we know as the immune system / immune. In brief, the work of the immune system such that when a foreign material such as bacteria or viruses enter our body, the body tissue will recognize the specific proteins of foreign substances and make the attacker was an antidote (substance bidders) which will only kill specific proteins earlier. Bidder for the defense chemicals produced by our body called antibodies. While the foreign protein to be attacked and dilumpuhkannya called antigens.

The defense system is clever and successful. The downside is that the body must meet two foreign proteins (antigens) before the system can generate the defense against it (antibodies). In other words, we should be attacked first before we can fight back. For example, if exposed to measles virus body will not be so problematic, but the problem will become complicated / serious when the body is faced with serious diseases such as smallpox or diphtheria. Basically, those who survived the dangerous infection of the immune system so it is a blessing / defense of those who work quickly and start producing antibodies in a short time. So, if the reaction of the body more slowly, those who are infected will be less fortunate.

Dust, pollen, molds, foods and ingredients which are basically harmless to act as an antigen to a particular person.
These materials enter the body through the lungs or gastrointestinal tract and then breaks into a network, where they stimulate the formation of antibodies. As a result of the meeting of antigen and antibodies that damage the tissue in question and cause symptoms / complaints of allergies.

Not all people who develop allergies cause complaints if the amount of antigen is less than the threshold dose. Unless the dose is exceeded, then the body will reveal / allergy symptoms. This antigen may be a number of pollen carried by winds that simply create an allergic runny nose, to eat a few servings of food for several days in a row before the onset of symptoms. Patients may not be cured by avoiding a material when there are several factors allergies. If someone is allergic to several ingredients at once, whereas only one type of abstinence and still eat the rest, of course not be cured.
Everyone can recognize when a food allergy reaction to sudden rapid and severe because the patient experienced a serious rash every time-consuming material. But, if allergies are caused daily diet or occur several times a week, the body becomes accustomed to suffer from these foods and the reaction becomes vague.

Actually, for many years or decades of illness seemed to disappear, perhaps only occasional relapse when accidentally eat too much or the presence of antigen triggering factors like stress, which indirectly reduce the resilience of the body. Because the reaction symptoms are rare, then the patient is difficult to know the cause.

Due to decreased immunity, the body can no longer cope with the disease process and symptoms of the disease arises. Form of the disease arising from one person to another person is not the same, depending on which body part is more severely affected.

Certainly a manifestation of an allergic reaction to a person as a whole. Symptoms will depend on the function of these organs which can be stimulated or depressed. An allergy that attacks the eyes will cause red eyes and itchy; if attacked would runny nose or sneezing; when attacking the lungs to cause asthma or cough; if attacked digestive tract causing abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea or vomiting; attack joints can cause pain and stiffness; if that attacked the head can cause headaches, if you attack the skin causing eczema, bentol-bentol/gatal-gatal, and so forth.

Allergies can occur at all ages both in those who have talent or not allergy / nonalergik. In children the most often found in the Bronchial asthma. While the allergens that most commonly affects children namely pollen, house dust, animal hair, animal saliva, and food.

Prevention tips and avoid the allergens:
Keep always a healthy body and environment.
Move the nest dust like knick-knacks, books, wall hangings, etc.
If you are allergic to animal fur, do not let the furry animal came into the room.
Avoid using fabric made from wool or materials from feathers.
Avoid plants or aquarium that causes mold spores in the air.
Use an electric air cleaner to remove dust, mold or pollen from the air.
Replace carpets or heavy curtains that capture and store the dust with a curtain that can be washed and carpets of cotton.
If you are allergic to certain foods, avoid foods that cause allergens.

The traditional way that can be used to treat allergies are:
15 grams of ginger + 30 cc of white rice vinegar / rice venegar + brown sugar to taste boiled with 400 cc of water to the remaining 200 cc, filtered water, drink. Do it regularly once a day.
If an allergy attack that causes runny nose or sneezing can use the following traditional ways:
7 pieces of leaves continued life + 30 grams of fresh bitter boiled with 500 cc of water to the remaining 200 cc, filtered water, drunk warm.
Aloe vera leaves to taste peeled and juiced. Put aloe vera juice into the nose as much as 3 drops by using a pipette.
Meanwhile, when an allergic attack the skin causing itching or eczema may be used:
Fresh bitter taste + taste + sulfur fresh turmeric to taste mashed until soft, then smeared on the affected skin allergy.
china ketepeng fresh leaves to taste mashed then applied on the affected skin allergy.

If allergic attacks the lungs resulting asthma can use:
10 flower knob + 10 - 15 grams of ginger boiled with 500 cc of water to the remaining 250 cc, filtered water, drunk warm.
Gotu kola leaves 30 grams + 10 grams of garlic boiled with 500 cc of water to the remaining 250 cc, filtered water, drunk warm.
Note: You can use either the traditional way on top and do regularly 2 times a day, in the conduct you should use a boiling pot or enamel pot soil.

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19 January 2011

Gayus songs broker case


In recent days have been excited by the song ANDAI AKU JADI GAYUS. Hebohnya this song because after circulating in the mass media songwriter gets a terror threat. Who has continued to threaten the BONA these? That is the question that should be in charge and in breaks by the police, because the BONA have reported the incident to the police. Then who the figure BONA these?

Is Bona Paputungan (32). Bona is a former prisoner at the LP II Class A in the city of Gorontalo because the tangled case of domestic violence. He languished in jail since March 11, 2010 and are free on 5 January.

Reason Bona create innuendo-laden songs Gayus, because experience during in prison. Gayus song is a reflection of the disappointment of a poor prisoner who receive treatment different from that Gayus could still abroad while in custody.

Bona pours all her feelings in song Gayus and some other songs. A total of 10 songs, including songs If I Gayus created within one week of four days. In addition to Song Gayus, Bona also created a song called Mark (Markus red Makelar Kasus).

Bona albums with hits songs Gayus will be launched on January 23, 2011. In a production singer song Gayus is reportedly assisted by seoarang DPD Gorontalo Gorontalo and a member of parliament who had languished in jail for corruption .-- free-pcware.

Bona on Terror

Gorontalo Regional Police continue to track the perpetrators of terror against Bona Paputungan (32), the creator and singer of songs I wish I So Gayus. "We still make the effort because the allegations while tracking terrorists outside of Gorontalo," said Chief of Police Public Relations Wilson Damanik Gorontalo, on Monday (17 jan 2011)
Damanik added, in such cases, it has been coordinating with the National Police Headquarters to track the peneror. Police also will ask for help Gorontalo Police Headquarters to track the perpetrator by using communications technology equipment.

Previously, Bona Paptungan have to report to the Police Gorontalo that he terrorized by someone unknown, via cell phone. The peneror admitted member of a special Detachment (Detachment) and Bona and his family threatened.--free-pcware.

Andai aku jadi Gayus.flv
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18 January 2011

Red Ghost in Sukabumi

Can you believe the existence of ghosts or kuntilanak? When you initially do not believe means the same with my opinions. Moreover, there are ghosts or kuntilanak which can be seen with a camera, of course the answer where possible? Imposible?. But recently all that is in question is fulfilled. There is one family in Sukabumi that can capture images of the presence in day kuntilanak still bright with his camera. 

Here are the full reviews:
A ghost woman with long hair - which is called kuntilanak - caught on camera by accident in the village of Nagrek, Sukabumi, West Java. Ghost caught on camera appeared many times.
As told by Ika, the father of Ade the video recorder if the ghost is acknowledged by naked eye, red-robed ghost that can not be seen. New ghost seen when Ade highlight it with a handy cam.
"If you use the invisible eye, but if so look through the camera," Ade said when interviewed by RCTI. "This is not engineering," said Ade tried to convince. The shooting took place around the afternoon before Maghrib.
Recognition of the existence of long-haired female ghost is also recognized Edward, a resident of the Village Nagrek. He often heard strange noises while passing in the empty driveway.
"I often see or hear no sound of women crying, people were not there," the story of Edward.
Records of the alleged ghost residents vacant for 17 years to make the entire village excited. Even the furor also spread through out the Village Nagrek, Sukabumi, West Java.
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16 January 2011

Overcoming MOLESTER And Zina

If we're talking infidelity begins with the interest, attention to one another, so came the affair. Knowing that mutual attraction to each other, the attention of togetherness, began filled with chatter that is personal. Each began to look for hobbies, food pavorit, and haunts, when spending time to relax.
Is it true that people can be cheated just because of mere physical or is there another reason?. One expert sexologists, Dr Boyke said that most cases of infidelity in a big city caused by the problem of sexuality, one party can not satisfy the other party. The factors that most often the causes of the abuse of sex is the environment including the working environment.
Like, infidelity involves many aspects, there are at least six motive why someone does infidelity,
1. Not happy with your partner. 2. Tired of the pair. 3. The challenge and adventure. 4. Material. 5, Revenge 6. Opportunity and chance.
Islam views cheating as adultery, God Almighty, hates adultery. Adultery is a despicable act which could destroy a magnificent building, bowing his head a dignified, white and blacken the face of sharp verbal silencing. Humiliation that can take off clothes of honor, such as small sample case Maria Eva. Adultery is the black dirt that can befall a family. Although earlier family life was filled with white sheets changed at once. Eyes are reluctant to look at him except what appears is something black and ugly.
God and the Prophet Mohammed PBUH has clearly forbids adultery because these deeds and bad kejinya means preface. So God forbid approach means and cause of adultery because it is the first step before it plunged into it. Allah says in Al-Isra ': 32 ie "Come not nigh to fornication, adultery actually it is a heinous act. And a bad way."
Because fornication including major sin after polytheism and murder, and including contempt actions that destroy, and a deadly crime. Rasullullah SAW said: "No one after shirk greater with Allah than a drop of semen that put a man on the uterus that is not dihalakan part.
Prohibition of adultery affirmed God in Surat Al-Furqan 68-70. "And those who do not worship another God and Allah and does not kill the soul which Allah forbidden (to kill) except with (reason) is right, and do not commit adultery. Those who do so that he would get (retaliation), sin ( her), which would be multiplied adzab for him on the Day of Resurrection. And he will be eternally in adzab was in a state of humiliation. Except those who repent, believe and do good pious. And the crimes they replaced God with virtue. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Merciful. "
In this verse, Allah unite fornication with envious and murder as well as make all of that will be eternal punishment in the multiple adzab. Over the servant has not been throwing the cause of doom it with repentance, faith and righteous deeds.
So God has given guidelines for his servants could survive in Surat al-Mu'minun: 1-6). Lo lucky people who believe, those who fervently in prayer, people who distance themselves from the actions and words that are not useful, and people who regular charity, and those who maintain his cock, except in his wives, then they are actually in this is not disgraceful.
So Ulema KH LDII Aceng Karimullah BE, SE invites in humans who call themselves Muslims towards the path of salvation from evil deeds. With away from acts that could lead people to destruction and bring us to the humiliation. Remember that it is actually lighter than the left immoral conduct and perform kafarohnya repentance. Himself gives ten tips to the road safety to avoid adultery.
[1] is not both-be a pair (Nyepi) among men with women who are not mahrom, either at home, in your car, anywhere. Following the Word of Allah, "It is not a man who both-be a pair with a woman, except that these three are the devil.
[2] For Muslim women, avoid Tabarruj (decorated themselves) and Sufur (not close aurat) when out of the house, therefore, lead to defamation and attract attention. Prophet said, "There are two classes of the Fire and mentioned one of them-a woman who dressed but naked and walk sideways waddle. And the clothing of the most recommended is simple abaya (black-colored clothing that covers the entire body), closing both hands and feet, and do not use perfumes. Let modeled Ummahatul Mu'minun and Shahabiyat, when out of the house they were like crows who wore black clothing, nothing of their bodies are visible.
[3] Avoiding read magazines are damaging and watch the films, which contained pornographic scenes, because it will arouse your sexual appetite and will underestimate the heinous act to call it as love and friendship, and fornication appeared to call bonds of affection that mature between a man and woman. Do not destroy your house, your heart and akalmrnu with relationships that are forbidden.
[4] He said, "And among men (any) people who use words that are not useful to mislead (men) from the Path of Allah without knowledge and to make Allah's way of derision. They were going to get adzab humiliating." (Luqman: 6). Then avoid (minimum cut) to listen to songs and music, with a rebound hiasilah pendemgaranmu holy verses Qur'an, dhikr and seek forgiveness rutinlah read, perbanyaklah dzikrul death (remember the dead), and Muhasabatun nafs (self evaluation).
[5] Fear the Most High, Mighty and Knowing nothing is hidden. This is the most high fear that keep someone from doing immoral. Suppose that when you slip on fornication, then bagamana if if it should be known by your father, your mother, your brothers, kinsmen or your husband / istrirmu? In view of the fruit of their lips and when you die, they will treat you as an adulterer, na'udzu billahi dzalik min.
[6] Looking for a pious or sholehah friends who are always ready to help and assist you, because man is weak while the devil is ready to pounce on it anywhere and anytime. Avoid bad friends, because he will come to you like a thief who entered clandestinely steal until he menggelincirkanmu chance on something that is forbidden.
[7] Expand to pray, because the Prophet's people including people who always read a lot of prayer and seek forgiveness.
[8] is not allowed leisure time passed except by reading the Qur'an. Trying to memorize what is easy from the Koran. If you have a high spirit, join a group Tahfidzul Quran. Because if you are not busy with obedience and worship, then you will be preoccupied by kebathilan.
[9] Keep in mind that you will leave this world with the pages that you have written all the days of your life. When lernbaran-sheet was filled with devotion and worship, then bergernbiralah. And if the contrary, immediately repent before he died. Because of that doomsday is the day of regret. Allah says, "And give them a warning about the day of regret." (Maiyam: 39). That is the opening day of all things hidden) and sheets flying. Days in which a breastfeeding mother forget her child he was feed.
[10] Be careful using the phone, not to plunge many people, men and women, in the act of adultery. So be not you be one of those who become victims. And know that God will give you a way out, and salvation from him. (*)
As for other tips:
1. Open. Honesty is the key to avoid adultery. Share feelings with your partner and always support each other. 2. Proximity. Create and maintain emotional and sexual intimacy with a partner. The closer you are, you are getting stronger too. 3. Smart. Do not get stuck on the satisfaction, man does not escape from temptation. 4. Beware. When you feel attracted to someone, immediately take the distance before it appears deeper feelings. 5. Keep the attitude. If you find yourself easily make people tempted, remember, if you do not want to burn, do not be playing with fire.
In light of religion, rampant infidelity can be considered as an indication of the depletion of our communities of faith and devotion which he said "relegius society." globalization era, as now, did the things that are religious often "terbenamkan" by the things of this world. Hopefully this paper useful for that read, Amen.
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Photo Calendar Maker 1.57

At this post I tried to review the photo calendar, that maybe you were in need right now. Photo Calendar Maker is a new application to create a beautiful photo calendars for one year or a month. Using this program, you can quickly create stylish, professional-looking calendar with photos. To begin, the user needs to choose the format and design and add photos. Calendars are ready! This program lets you create hundreds of variants of the calendar in a variety of styles: classic or modern, standards or smooth, business-like or romantic. The program is equipped with a pack template, created by professional designers.Photo Calendar Maker allows to adjust every element of calendars, including the title, font, background, holiday, layout and many more months. You can make unique calendars in different formats - from the pocket into the wall calendar. Our calendar photo of software is easy to learn and have a detailed user manual.Photo Calendar Maker key features: The ability to create professional-looking photo calendars each year or month.It allow to easily personalize your calendar with text on each location.Dozens of beautiful photo calendar templates in many national and religious holidays.Ability styles.Customize to make calendars you in language.New you! The ability to create a calendar with a collage of photos. So a little review of my hopefully useful.
For those of you who need the software can be downloaded below.

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Wise PC Engineer 6.24.204

How would you feel if a new startup the computer is just slow, especially when you run a program that was waiting for loading requires a fairly long time .. I never experienced this and it feels really annoying. For that this time ruangxp give you a software that might overcome such case. Is a small piece of software (just 8MB), a super multi that not only help you to clean the Windows Registry, but also to free up disk from the space up, registry and disk defragment, deleting data privacy and recover lost files, to find important files or folders hidden for you, and limit your personal application. When should I call it as a registry cleaner software super, or super disk cleaner. After using this software, you will feel that this software is the software the ALL-IN-ONE PC that can improve computer performance. If your computer is running slow and very slow, do not hesitate to use Wise PC Engineer, this will help you keep your PC running at optimal performance!
Here is their purposes: * Registry Backup * Registry Cleaner * Registry Defragment * Startup Programs Manager * Disk Cleaner * Disk Defragment * Files Recovery * File / Folder / Drive Scrub * Memory Optimizer * Windows Auto Shutdown * File / Folder Hider * Application Encrypt and Unencrypt 1-Click * Tune-ups
100 Security Guarantee. Control of the Registry Backup and Restore the Registry, Create a System Restore Point, Creating cancel the data for each operation cleanup, Marking scanned results as safe or unsafe, all of it made absolutely secure.
Fast Scan and Clean Wise Engineer PC using Scan algorithm to quickly identify missing references and not legal in your Windows registry and junk files. You can choose to selectively clean each item until it is clean or automatically repair them all.
One Click Tune-Up Wise PC Engineer also supports the optimization of the system, including tracing Removing Internet, Cleaning the Windows Registry, Disk Cleanup and System Performance Tweak, that is not available in trial versions.
Easy to Use Wise PC Engineer, you can safely clean, repair and optimize your Windows registry and disk space with a few simple mouse clicks! It also supports tune 1-Click up for beginners ... www.free-pcware.blogspot.com

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15 January 2011

Drama 5 Minute Attack on Police Hamparan Perak

HAMPARAN PERAK-dawn, at around 0:25 pm, Hamparan perak District, Deli Serdang, who originally turned tense silence. Barrage of gunfire were heard from the building Mapolsek Silver Overlay. Police headquarters was attacked by a group of strangers for about 5 minutes. Three police officers fell down covered in blood.
At that time, about 15 people who each tandem with six motorcycles entering Mapolsek pages. Then, came the long shots.
A crowd of people was pushed into the Mapolsek and directly to the officer. Hot tin were fired at two policemen in the Police Service Center (SPK).

With a quick movement, the men were shot a lid heads another officer who was in the Criminal, not far from the cell. They fired indiscriminately without mercy.
Naas overwrite 3 members of the Police Silver Overlay. A group of people shooting at police killed Bripka Riswandi Hamparan perak with 11 bullets, Aiptu B Sinulingga killed with 4 bullets, and Aiptu Deto Sutejo killed by a bullet.
Bripka Riswandi 10 bullets penetrated his chest and a bullet in the head, Aiptu Sinulingga four bullets in the chest, and Haji Sutejo a bullet in the chest.
As terrifying events that occur, there are 5 officers within Mapolsek. However, only three officers who were victims of an unknown group of men firing them. For one other officer was in another room.
Two of the 5 members of the police that survived after hiding in a separate place. "That one went into the bathroom, because not bring the weapon at the time. One more down, "said Hamparan perak Kapolsek, Kompol Murdani.
Murdani said the two surviving members of the Police Criminal Kanit Hamparan perak Iptu Irsol and a detective Bripda Sembiring. When I heard no sound of broken glass and fire succession, both of them as quickly as possible to turn off the room lights work. "TV and work the room lights turned off quickly. Yes save am left. No carrying of weapons at that time. Because too many who come to attack, "he said. Actors also attempted to burn a police car by throwing a kind of Molotov cocktails.
Dozens of shells from three types of bullets found in the vicinity of the location. The first type, 7.62-millimeter caliber bullets used to assault type weapons AK-47 or AK-56. The second type size 5.56 millimeter weapons commonly used for SS1 or M-16, and other types of caliber 9 millimeter pistol commonly used types of FN.
Citizens see the actors all wear helmets and face coverings. There are 6 motors used actors. A motor driven by 2-3 people. The men suddenly fell from the motorcycle and entered the police station by firing blindly. Approximately 7-8 people seem to hold rifles. Allegedly the AK-47 guns and pistols. Police strongly suspect, the perpetrator of this attack Mapolsek nothing to do with perpetrators of the robbery of Bank CIMB Niaga related terrorism. "It must be associated with it (terrorism). This is related to the perpetrator robbery at CIMB. Because they were people trained, "said Police Chief Inspector General of Police Public Relations Division Iskandar Hasan.
As is known, Hamparan perak is one of the raids suspected terrorists by Detachment 88 in North Sumatra. From the area, Detachment captured three of 19 suspected terrorists, namely Wakno alias Marwan alias Wakgeng (39), alias Yono Hadiyono Kasman (43) and Surya Saputra.
To hunt down the perpetrators, North Sumatra Police unit deployed Brigade (Brimob). Police Mobile Brigade and lower 200 members directly to chase into three different directions. The location has now been fitted with the police line, though local people continued to arrive for a close look at the scene.
Bloody events that took place quickly, just 5 minutes. This is based on the recognition of some residents. Dedi Rianto, a citizen when the incident occurred around Mapolsek Silver Overlay. At that time, Matthew was standing about 20 yards from the police station.
When the gun sounded, the young 19-year was feeding his ox. When viewing any group of people carrying weapons in motor, he was hiding in the trash for fear of being seen. According to him, about five minutes after the gunfire erupted gunfire, the gunman was leaving the police station.
According to Irwan, local residents said, some time after the incident, after the people crowded in Mapolsek, Kijang Innova car crossed silver. It was unclear whether or not the car connection with the incident. But according to Irwan, the car had stopped. The driver asked him. "What's the bang?", Said Irwan imitate speech that car driver.
Once described Irwan, the car driver admitted he had just met with a group of motorcyclists in the area of Medan Marelan. Some people who dibonceng, said holding the bag. "The driver told me also got to see a number of motorcycle riders were putting something like a rifle into a gunny sack. After that the driver was crossed to the Klumpang, "he said.
After the incident until yesterday evening, the scene appears to be still crowded with people curious to see the crime scene from the police.
Police Alert 1, Polsekta escorted Brimob
Several hours after the attack Mapolsek Hamparan perak District Deli Serdang, Inspector General of Police Oegroseno Kapoldasu directly determine the status of Alert 1 for the region around Medan.
Meanwhile, to pursue the alleged perpetrators as terrorists, Poldasu has deployed more than 200 personnel Brigade (Brimob) at points barn hideout of suspected perpetrators. "They do not think the police will give up with their action. It calls on state, "said Oegreseno Bhayangkara Hospital.
Brimob was also alerted to keep a number of Polsek located at the Medan-Deliserdang border. "Poldasu high alert and could allow for Alert 1,''beber Oegroseno.
According to the source Java Post (Pos North Sumatra group) at Detachment 88, at this time, one team (12 people) penindak Police Headquarters Detachment 88 is still pursuing the perpetrators. The latest information is in, collect up to 21 o'clock last night, the team pursued them into the High Cliff, a district north of Medan.
Head of Information Kodam I / BB dr Asren Lieutenant Colonel Nasution explained, Kodam I / BB also help the police maintain security and order (kamtibmas) in North Sumatra.
"The assistance we give to Poldasu, not reduce personnel, but we are still coordinating with them, the information from the grassroots level," said Asren Nasution. The information was from the level Babinsa, delivered on Koramil, from Koramil submitted to Kodim and forwarded to the Regional Military Command.
Based pantuan Heading North Sumatra yesterday afternoon in some police around the city of Medan and Kabutapen Deliserdang, including Polsekta Helvetia and Polsekta Sunggal, fully armed Brimob seen on alert.
Strict guard was also performed at the Hospital Jalan KH Wahid Hasyim Bhayangkara Medan. Even if the previous hospital was open to the public, yesterday escort more stringent.
Eye witness testimony about the crime scene "Going to the police station just slow, and heard the sound of gunfire. Fitting out of the police shot them out again, just fit them in, kind of love of code. " Protected Ginter Residents Hamparan perak
"I want to see what's out. Apparently there are naek motorcycle carrying a weapon seen on guard. Soon there is coming out of the police carrying weapons, I hide in the trash, scared look. " Dedi Rianto Residents Hamparan perak
"At first we thought it was the sound of firecrackers. Pas was heard again turned out to others. " Andi Maulana Residents Hamparan perak
"And they had time to distort my view, and drivers who saw their tanks in Titi Umbrellas are set weapon." Irwan Residents Hamparan perak
"Riswandi 10 bullets in the chest and a bullet in the head, Aiptu Sinulingga four bullets in the chest, and Haji Sutejo a bullet in the chest."
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Corruption is what the heck? CORRUPTION good or bad is it? CORRUPTION is halal or haram? I think that is the question that we must know the answer, for CORRUPTION no longer be "TRADITION". I am sorry to say tradition because in almost every neighborhood there is the CORRUPTION of our society that seems already entrenched. Is this synonymous with the culture EAST PEOPLE who always prided with courtesy and tatakramanya? Back other questions arise. Before cing cong designed this continues, I have to say first that I am not a legal person who knows a lot about the CORRUPTION, CORRUPTION that I know about is the one who took the money of the country / folk with the intention of enriching themselves. Perhaps the word "enriched" (red to make rich) that is the desire of people to do it without having to know whether it is good CORRUPTION, kosher, sin dlllll. Maybe that is on the minds of criminals just by doing CORRUPTION could buy a house, car, time derivatives are not much for a 7 out with no thought of other people miserable, starving even ngap-angapan. No need to slam the bones, squeeze the sweat and do not need big capital to achieve this. Singakat stories just need a chance, are immune to face, as if the faithful servant and turn the brain was less then establish your CORRUPTION.
LOVE AFFAIRS or RUPIAH Shouts, rontaan our society often in gaungkan, either through the mass media, rallies, forums and symposia simposiun ANTI-CORRUPTION in the title everywhere. Large banners in pairs with the core posts "ANTI-CORRUPTION". I Hope all of that struggle as a manifestation of sincere love of this country. My hope, Do not mengaung because there is no chance and silent when the opportunity to CORRUPTION. And lest any anti-CORRUPTION purposes only put up banners for the imaging and raise rates CORRUPTION. (Do not ask me the meaning of this imagery because I sadur of the growing opinion today) If it's really CORRUPTION been made in terms that are not praiseworthy and unlawful out there why there are still a memperebutkannya or waiting their turn. In fact, there may be risking his career and his position for the title of THE corruptor. Ironic indeed, at the time was in dengungkan ANTI CORRUPTION CORRUPTION was growing rapidly, like a shot fighter. Pemerintahpun not remain silent any law which ultimately made to ensnare the Corruptor, ranging from Law No. 28 of 1999, Republic Act No. 31 of 1999, Act No. 20 of 2001, Republic Act No. 30 Thun 2002 and Law No. 7 in 2006 Is the applicable law is the corruptor of fear? Apparently not They say dogs barking caravan PASSED (perhaps you know) proved after the law was enacted CORRUPTION still valid. New problems eventually arise, namely the collision and the procedures of investigation which finally form a KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission) the authority and how the wider investigation or appeal POLICE PROSECUTION. Thank God no results KPK breakthrough by arresting officers and agents of CORRUPTION and imprison him. What now Corruptor scared with the KPK. The answer is on television. Apparently corrupt not a fighter. Fight on for WEALTH (maybe it sembohyannya). I used to grade 3 junior high school had never heard of and know the word CORRUPTION, but now my son is 6 years old already fluent say CORRUPTION. I am afraid that if word CORRUPTION not consider it taboo from now, one day our children are also gaining predicate corrupt race. (God forbid dech)

How do I make it a taboo word CORRUPTION?
I think any agency that handles CORRUPTION problem is not going to work 100% if the threat of punishment is still as valid today. With the form of institution A, B and C to handle CORRUPTION but with reference to the same law, in my opinion just spend the State budget. If I may argue, may be in enacted and LIFETIME PENALTY DEATH PENALTY for the corruptor.

And do not just reading the threat of punishment in the Act, but still make the sentence for the perpetrators. God willing it worked. If you do not believe in trying to carry out the death penalty to one definite CORRUPTION actors other actors who have not caught repentance did it again! NOT AGREE
Then the last one in my opinion, let us isolate are equally corrupt in society. Sneered corruptor AND THEIR FAMILIES so embarrassed. Assuming such a cohabiting couples caught in arrack and-village to village, Banish them from our environment even though they are RICH (RICH ALWAYS USUALLY corrupt).
Could all this be applied? Or you all have other opinions? Please argue for the sake of our beloved country REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA and for the sake of our children and grandchildren later! Who knows your opinion is the solution that awaited us all.
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